Study of dynamic behaviour inside the ultrasonic motor using Reliability Based Design Optimization analysis

Under normal conditions of operation, the considered motors are subjected to: (i) an axial static loading of pre-stressing actuating of the axial and radial deformations stator and rotor, (ii) a dynamic excitation of the stator, involving deformations of inflection out-plan which, while being propagated in the volume of the stator, create by drive, a rigid displacement of the rotor’s body et (iii) efforts of contact and friction static and dynamic to the interface of contact between thestator and the coating of friction. The aim of this study is to propose a numerical modelling by the finite element method of the mechanical behaviour of piezoelectric engine SHINSEI USR 60 pennies dynamic loading taking into account the contact without friction by using the reliability analysis.

B Radi, A. El Hami, A. Cherouat