Essais accélérés dans le domaine de l’industrie médicale

Contrary to electronic components, there are few studies on the accelerated life test of the mechanical components in a general way and even less on those of the medical equipments in a particular way. So our studies try to bring a little answer of this problem. Accelerated life test is a process in which products are subjected to accelerated environments to find weak links in· the design and/or manufacturing process. Thus with accelerated test result, we can predict the behaviour of product’s in client using conditions. On other hands, it let to optimize the development process by reducing the test duration. In this paper, we present some application whose aim is to run accelerating life test on the components of haematology appliances· (Needles of takings, and motorizations). Therefore we have determined the aging factors of each component. Then we have conceived test benches and analyzed the results using· accelerating models. At end we estimated the product’s reliability parameters in customer use conditions.