Achieving Business Excellence And Changes Generated By This Endeavour

Managing organizations in today’s global and rapidly changing business environment is both art and science. In order to react in a timely manner and properly respond to the environmental changes, an organisation must identify the areas which, if improved, would bring important results for all the stakeholders. One approach often used by managers, is to adopt a business excellence model. In this paper, the authors identify changes in organization’s areas, needed to meet the stakeholder’s requirements with minimum resource allocation. The paper starts from the idea that implementing an excellence model in an organization involves a number of changes and by default, resources. Using the criteria of the EFQM’s excellence model, the authors identify the necessary changes in the three directions of change within an organization: employee behaviour, organizational structure, technology. By highlighting the changes required to implement a total quality management system, the authors wish to emphasize that acceding to the state of excellence in business, can involve significant changes in different plans.

Daniel Nicolescu, Doina Constantinescu, Anca Purcarea